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'BELLS, the Fire Dog' goes live, by Les Jones & Steve Eggleston

From the writers of 'TWELVE DOORS' comes 'BELLS, the Fire Dog'. Bells is a novel for all ages, about a character in 'TWELVE DOORS'.

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One orphaned puppy. One red ball. One brave heart.

"Bells whimpered out loud. There was a strange horrible smell that burned her nostrils and stung her eyes. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't see a thing for all the swirling, thick, smoky stuff. And it was getting so hot. There was a frightening roaring noise and something huge, orange and wild was dancing closer and closer..."

When Bells the Cocker Spaniel puppy is left all alone in the world after losing her family in a terrible fire, she believes she will never be happy again. Then, just when she thinks her favourite red ball and her new girl, Katie, are helping to heal her heart, Bells' life changes forever when she is sent to London to train as a fire investigator dog. London is a big and noisy, and Turnout the trainer dog is fierce and scary.

And how will Bells ever become a brave Fire Dog is she is terrified of fire? And if she fails to earn her badge will she end up being sent to the dreaded Dog's Home?



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