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About Us

Eggman Global Agency is a multi-media & entertainment limited company with offices in London, Somerset, Los Angles, Las Vegas, Falls Church and Chicago. As an agency, we work as writers, as filmmakers, in art & fashion, and in cybersecurity. Our founders and directors are Dr. Steven B. Eggleston and Dana Amma Day.     

Dr Steven B. Eggleston


A true multi-hyphenate, Steve Eggleston is a law school Valedictorian, former law professor and trial lawyer whose clients and adversaries have included con men, swindlers, greedy families, drug addicts, big oil & tobacco, Fortune 100 companies/CEOs, entertainment giants, Air Force Generals, MI6 agents, and Grammy-winning artists.

Upon departing the law for music & entertainment, he launched iiHiphop, one of the first online hiphop portals, executive produced feature film, A Midsummer Night's Rave, and co-produced NAACP award-winning theatrical Ephraim's Song (with Bruce Willis, Cedric the Entertainer, Mark Swinton, and others), helmed rock and roll magazine Vegas Rocks, booked 1000+ live shows worldwide, and personally managed 7 x Grammy-winning music producer Steve Thompson, as well as 2010 "America's Got Talent" winner Michael Grimm.

Also known as The Eggman, a suggestion from Ringo Starr himself, Steve was an early CEO for Rockgodz Hall of Fame and is an acclaimed, International #1 Bestselling Author of over two dozen published books in fiction and nonfiction. Under the umbrella of Eggman Global Ltd, Steve now helms a literary and talent agency (, a motion picture company (, a publishing company (, a Book Promotion Company (, and a Positive Media Company (

Currently Steve is in development and preproduction on multiple pictures and television, including Blood & Ivory, A Few Bad Men (with Martin Brown, Academy-award nom Moulin Rouge), GENIUS, SOLDIER MADNESS, and Miracle Man. Steve lives with his family in lovely Somerset, England, from whence he helms The Eggman Global Universe ( 

Dana Amma Day


An integral part of The Eggman Global Universe, and a modern-day multi-hyphenate as well, Dana Amma Day (also credited as Caroline Whittle) is a PR, media and marketing expert (working on behalf of international motion picture releases with Picture Production Company and Premier PR), community networking consultant, TV host and producer, and filmmaker.

She specialises on positive messaging in the environmental, social enterprise, and business sectors, having produced/hosted over 650 informative news and documentary-style episodes on global online TV channel, (for which she is CEO), having reported on Prince Charles’ (now HRH King Charles) environment ambitions, co-produced documentaries with WWF, been intimately involved with Polly Higgin’s “Stop Ecocide” campaign, and worked for Wildlife Line.

She has/is produced/producing multiple films, including “Earth 2.0” (short), “Chemical Wedding,” with iconic rock star Bruce Dickinson, “A Few Bad Men,’ “The Glastonbury Grail,’ and “Blood & Ivory.” She is also currently leading “The Loneliness Project’ with Positive TV World. 

Our Story

Formed in 1999 during the San Francisco internet boom, iiEntertainment enters the music and entertainment space to the motto: “total convergence”. Steve Eggleston sits on the board of Filmspeed, one of the largest video streamers in the world, as Napster unfurls a free-swap tidal wave that will flip everything.
Eggman Global emerges from ii, a rising contender in books, publishing, media, motion pictures, technology, cybersecurity, fashion and art.

The Events




























Steve Eggleston graduates from law school as Valedictorian

and 2x editor of the law review, Voir Dire.

Steve Eggleston conducts highly successful legal practice with

verdicts and settlements in the millions of dollars, then moves to

SF during the internet boom.

Steve Eggleston appointed to the Board of Filmspeed, the 3rd

largest video streamer in the world.

iiEntertainment forms in Sausalito at founder Steve

Eggleston's château on the cliffs, "The Falling Star".

iiEntertainment spawns iiRecords and iiHipHop

(one of the first online hiphop portals in the world).

Steve goes to Midem to raise funds for ii, in Cannes, France,
where he meets his future wife (Dana Amma Day) as she is doing PR for theBritish rock band, Simple Minds.

Hollywood Producer (and Chez Panisse co-founder) Paul Aratow taps

2 Steve to helm epic lawsuit against Sony-Columbia over TV and digital rights to comic book, ‘Sheena, Queen of the Jungle’ (the first female conservationist action hero).

Steve moves to Hollywood, launches Cinetrax
Entertainment, executive produces Gil Cates Jr "A Midsummer Night's Rave" with pal/Hollywood royalty, Peter Rafelson and sister Leslie.

One Roof Entertainment, Located at LA Center Studios, taps

Steve Eggleston as COO/Head of Business Affairs.

One Roof, Steve, Bruce Willis and Cedric the Entertainer (among
others), Executive-Produce NAACP award-winning theatrical, “Ephraim's Song, directed by Mark Swinton (who later VPs Tyler Perry Studios).

Steve Eggleston hangs with Ringo Starr at his mansion in

Beverly Hills, where Ringo dubs him "The Eggman".

Steve and Paul Aratow settle with Sony and clear rights
Sheena, forming production partnership.

The Eggman moves to Las Vegas and helms Vegas Rocks Magazine, where he regularly interviews the biggest rock stars and celebrities in the world. Dana co-founds Positive TV, which becomes the longest-running online positive news platform on planet earth.

Out of iEntertainment, Eggman Global Agency is born, managing
2010 winner of America's Got Talent Michael Grimm and 7x Grammy-winning music producer Steve Thompson (who has 150 diamond, gold and platinum records).

Steve Eggleston releases acclaimed legal thriller, Conflicted, with jacket
endorsement form acclaimed, 15x NYT Bestseller John Lescroart.

The Eggman turns 60, conceiving his "Design Your Life After 60"

franchise model and moves to magical Somerset, England.

Steve Eggleston with co-writes Conquering Your Adversities (aka “The Bomb City Kid”) with former Miami Dolphins quarterback, Dr. Kenneth Polke.

Steve writes all the content/blogs for U.S. legal cybersecurity
firm Windtalker Security, launching the cyber-security division of Eggman Global.

Steve co-writes his first Amazon Bestseller, The Natural
Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic: The Discovery of Lysulin, with renowned chemist Dr. John F. Burd

Steve co-writes A Few Bad Men, is tapped to produce
motion picture by same name with Academy-Award nom. producer Martin Brown (Moulin Rouge, Romeo &  Juliet, Always Ballroom).

Steve launches Steve Eggleston Art & Steve Eggleston

Steve and Dana launch The Eggman Global Universe, an umbrella

for books, publishing, motion pictures, television, art, fashion, sports

and media.

EGA launches Hummingbird Motion Pictures, Hummingbird

Publishing, and (with Marketing Guru Michael Costigan),


Steve becomes a student of Master Painter/Artist/Designer Ioannis

Steve co-writes his 4 th Amazon Bestseller, Doing the Doing: The
Incredible, Improbable Business Journey of Alan McKim and Clean Harbors, by Alan McKim.

Steve celebrates writing/co-writing/ghostwriting over 20 books,
including 4 Amazon Bestsellers

Steve expands The Eggman Global Universe to Chicago, Illinois.

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