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"We provide our clients and partners global access to and insights into all aspects of entertainment and sports." We represent top artists, creators, and leaders in a variety of fields across our companies."

Writer-for-Hire Services 

We provide specialised Ghostwriter, Co-writer, Collaborator, Story Editor, and Consultant Services for fiction and non-fiction, biographies and memoirs, historical and legal, inspirationals and how-tos, thrillers, and more.

Hummingbird Publishing

Our Critically-Acclaimed, Bestselling Authors have written 150+ books that have sold 6+ million copies, many of them acclaimed international bestsellers — in fiction, non-fiction, and genre-specific categories. Let us help you publish your next bestseller.

The Book Promotion Group

You write books. We build bestsellers and this is your chance to be a bestselling author and make sure your voice is heard.

Hummingbird Motion Pictures

Producing and developing feature films. The novels published on (hosted by Eggman Global Agency) are currently our primary focus for adaptation into film, television, and streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, and others.

Eggman Global Agency

Leading musicians and creators across all musical genres, film and theater, as well as some of the premier music festivals around the world

Eggman Cybersecurity

We provide expert advice in legal and other cybersecurity matters, drawing on our extensive experience working with former MI6 agents, medical experts, and major corporations.

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